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Since 1977

  • George Wilder
  • Tom Moore
  • John Lee
  • Hamilton Smith
  • Josh Davis
  • Hunter McDonald
  • Taylor Nelson
  • Doug Caldwell
George Wilder

George Wilder

I was a senior in High School in 1967, yes I am that old. That was one of the greatest times for music, from Motown to the British invasion which was in full force with the Beatles, the Stones, and the Who. It was also a time when folks still knew how to dress, a time of V-neck sweaters, button-down sport shirts and vested suits and I loved all of that.

At Mississippi State University, I worked my way through college selling clothes during the school year and selling dictionaries door to door in the summers. After graduation in 1971, I took an outside sales job to get away from retail and be able to look at it from another perspective.

I happened to be in Nashville for a conference and met with my old boss, Alex Gatewood, who was also there.   Alex asked me to move to Tuscaloosa and run The Locker Room, the store he had started in 1964. From that moment forward, moving to Tuscaloosa was all I could think about. So Madeliene and I moved to Tuscaloosa in the spring of 1972 for five wonderful years.

In Tuscaloosa, I developed friendships with a great group of folks from Montgomery who would come up for football and basketball games.   They encouraged me that Montgomery needed a good traditional men’s store. So we put together some money and opened this store in September of 1977.

The rest as they say is history. We have always had great merchandise but our success is because we have always had great people. I would not swap staffs with any store in the country. So whether you love clothes or you hate clothes, you are going to love our store.  We are going to make you look good and everyone likes that, just like everyone likes to be called by name. We’re excited about having you as our customer and look forward to our future together.

You have an accountant you trust, most likely an attorney, a plumber, an electrician and a pest control company. You trust these folks to do a great job at a fair price so you can concentrate on what you do. That is what we want to be for you.  I promise we will give you the best service, the best products in a fun, exciting atmosphere that you are going to enjoy. Thanks again for all your business!

Tom Moore

Tom Moore

I had a passion for clothes at a very early age.  I remember dressing up in my suit at age four and sneaking across the street to join my older brother’s kindergarten class.  I enjoyed finer clothing so much in fact, I started washing dishes in a local restaurant at age 14 so I could start building a wardrobe that was of my taste alone.

I grew up in a small town in Missouri.  Upon graduating high school I moved to Montgomery, Alabama.  I spent my early years working in the restaurant business where I learned the valuable meaning of quality and customer service.  After the birth of my son Fletcher, I realized quickly that my hectic hours in that industry didn’t square with my being a father.

I met George Wilder in January of 1999.  There was a rare position available at The Locker Room and it was a perfect fit.  I had never been in the clothing business before but George assured me that he would teach me the business.  The main focus George said are customer service and quality.  I started work with The Locker Room on February 1st, 1999.

I am very blessed to enjoy a career and company that I love.  I live the phrase, “If you love your job you never work a day in your life.”  I feel my coworkers are family and have many clients that I am proud to call friends.  I know that most people spend a lifetime trying to find their dream career.  I have been at mine for over 14 years now!

John Lee

John Lee

As I like to say, " Whether you win or you happen to lose,  you need to look good doing it"

I began my career at the Locker Room in the Winter of 1999 working as the head of shipping and receiving  while at college here in Montgomery.  George gave me an opportunity to work on the sales floor a year later and that is when my love for men's clothing really began. 

I was the buyer for TLR Outdoors in east Montgomery before we wised up and moved back to our original location on Carter Hill Road.  Currently I am the sportswear buyer and schedule events at the store to promote not only great brands but also great times.

Over the years there have been many career opportunities but the family atmosphere at The Locker Room cannot be matched anywhere. "We are truly friends, we care about each other at work and away from the store." 

I graduated from Auburn University Montgomery with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. In my spare time, I love watching the sunrise from a duck blind, salt water fishing in the Gulf and rooting for my beloved Georgia Bulldogs.  We are active members of First Baptist Church in Montgomery. 

My wife Rebecca, a first grade teacher, and I were blessed with a son, Winston, in February.  So life is good and we are excited about the future. 

Hamilton Smith

Hamilton Smith

The reason I got into this business to begin with is because I love clothing. The Locker Room had (and still does) the best of everything and in 2001 George offered me a job.  At that time we started TLR Outdoors which was a compliment to but completely different from The Locker Room. So we spun that store off to Festival Plaza in East Montgomery for ten years. John and I ran that store and there my passion for the business and for our friends and customers really grew and matured.

Over the years, we scrapped the canoes, kayaks, etc. (a happy time for me) for Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide but kept the real quality outdoor lines like Patagonia.  I have wonderful memories of the old place but I was so excited when George wised up and realized we all needed to be under the same roof. So in February, 2012, we made the move back to where we started, and I could not be happier. 

My favorite things we do here are the trunk shows and events which are a fantastic opportunity for our customers to meet the founders and representatives of the brands we carry.  We get to really understand the passion and the vision behind the products which is so important. But the  most important thing is the folks I work with, it really is a family and I hope you feel a part of it each time you visit us. I’ll leave you with one on my favorite quotes (with apologizes to my English teachers) from the great Deion Sanders. “If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good and if you play good, they pay good.” There is lot of truth there!

Josh Davis

Josh Davis

Josh Davis developed a “passion for fashion” very early in life.  In fact, he recalls as a child, feigning sickness every time a particular pair of puke-green corduroys were laid across his bed in the mornings before kindergarten.  Moving forward, he remembers writing out a list for his grandfather, citing all the benefits of the Ralph Lauren shirt he HAD to have for his 13th birthday.  Granddaddy ultimately relented.  He has been dressing himself for quite some time, and enjoys helping other men in the community look and feel their very best.

Josh grew up in Selma, AL and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in psychology, which he uses everyday in his chosen profession.  After procuring employment in Inventory Control at the Saks corporate office in Birmingham for 3 years, he decided he could no longer be contained in a cubicle.  It was time to get out in the world and impress people with his ever-increasing amounts of style, taste and culture.  He worked as an event-planner for a local restaurant in Montgomery, but never forgot his first love, that Ralph Lauren shirt from so long ago…

Josh met George Wilder in the summer of 2007, and George, instantly beguiled by Josh’s charm and uncanny sense of style, offered him a job at The Locker Room of Montgomery.  It was a match made in fashion heaven.  Josh not only dresses hundreds of clients each year, but is also the visual merchandiser for the store, and has singlehandedly formed the “marketing department” for The Locker Room.  He enjoys taking his talents outside the store, coordinating fashion shows, assisting with charity auctions, helping junior cotillion members learn to tie neck and bowties, and lending his keen eye on photo shoots.

Josh is very fortunate, in that he has found a career in which he loves; the people he works with, the clients, and the overall job itself make every day an adventure that he wakes up looking forward to. In Josh’s spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family at the lake and cheering on his nephews at their various sporting events.  While you’ll most likely find him in a coat and tie while at The Locker Room, he has to admit that his 2 most important fashion items are his flip-flops (good thing he’s got good looking feet) and his Kaenon sunglasses, both conveniently available at The Locker Room.

Hunter McDonald

Hunter McDonald

“Clothes make the man; naked people have little or no influence on society”
Mark Twain

I was brought into this world with a tape measure around my neck.  I remember my mother from a very early age making custom wedding dresses and suits for friends and their children. When asked what she would charge, she would reply “you cannot afford me, but I will do it for you for free because I love to create beautiful gowns”.   Well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.   My love for fabric and creating beautiful clothing was inherited from my mother.

I grew up in Montgomery and at the Church of the Ascension where I met George Wilder. George and his wife Madeliene were leaders of our youth group. As fate would have it, in the spring of 1980 I was in Tuscaloosa for a very heady event (beer has a head).  As a result of that event coupled with a few poor decisions, I became a guest of the county. My dad determined that Tuscaloosa was probably not the best place for me. When George found out that I was going to be in town, he begged me on his hands and knees to come work for him.

Over the last 33 years I have grown to love the art of tailored clothing and furnishings.  My Mother’s love of clothing was transferred to me and as she did, I have sought and continue to seek education to make me even better in this field.    Of the countless custom suits that I have helped clients with, there are more than a few memorable ones.  I once made a 66 extra-long white suit for a professional football player that you could put two basketballs side by side in the thigh of the trousers.   There are two more that perhaps stand out the most; one was orange and the other a purple suit with knee length jackets.   Those are obviously exceptions to what we do each day but a lot of fun.   But seriously, every suit I have ever made has given me great joy to deliver.

One of my responsibilities is “The Old Fashion Marketing Department”.  I love to reach out to all kinds of folks and preach the Gospel of appropriate dress.   I have spoken to high schools (this is where you get a lot of blank stares, along with a little drool),  to fraternity  meetings (they come for the beer),  to  businesses  looking to upgrade the appearance of their employees and to many  professionals  who realize that their clothing can speak before they say a word.   I genuinely believe that the old adage “you only have one chance to make a good first impression” is true.    I also have other duties which buying, direct sales, cleaning the bathrooms, talking George in from ledge on a weekly basis and the one I find most taxing is being the undisputed fashion guru of the store.

All kidding aside, my clients are very important to me; first and foremost they are my friends.   Collecting friends and clients is my passion.   I want your experience here to be entertaining, enjoyable and even educational.    After all the years we still have a lot of fun and I love what I do.   I have been fortunate to help folks as far away as Singapore and London and as close as next door.    If we have not met, I would love to get to know you as well.  When you stop the store, I‘ll be the best dressed guy in the store, don’t worry, you’ll be able to figure it out.

Taylor Nelson

Taylor Nelson

Taylor’s history with The Locker Room, like Davis’ goes back well before The Locker Room of Auburn ever opened it’s doors.

Taylor and Davis went to rival high schools in Montgomery. They played soccer together as children, and competed against each other for their respective high school soccer teams as teenagers. They’ve been friends since the late 1990s.

Taylor began his career at The Locker Room as a sales associate at the Outdoors store from August of 2005 to July of 2006. After a few years of playing basketball at Faulkner State Community College, Taylor returned to work at The Locker Room Outdoors and head up the shipping and receiving department at The Locker Room of Montgomery. In March of 2009, he came on full time at the Outdoors store while continuing to handle shipping and receiving.

When The Locker Room Outdoors and The Locker Room of Montgomery combined into one store on February 1st, 2012, Taylor moved to Auburn to be the first full time sales associate at The Locker Room of Auburn. He’s been in Auburn ever since, diving into a job and town he previously had no real affiliation with.

Said Taylor, “As a kid I went to basketball camps at Auburn. I actually grew up a Georgia fan because of some family ties there. It almost feels wrong to say that working where I work, but the Auburn spirit is contagious. It’s contagious enough that I consider myself an Auburn guy now. I mean, I still pull for Georgia on Saturdays, but I find myself cheering for Auburn football more and more. I go to every Auburn basketball and baseball game I can, and there’s no doubt I’m a full blown fan there. The fact that I can even admit that should tell you how much I love this town and its’ people. Auburn is a special place, for sure. I‘m lucky to be where I am.”

Taylor has lived in Auburn since 2012. In his spare time, Taylor spends as much time outside is he can. He’s an avid fisherman, mountain biker, and camper. Taylor is the youngest of two children. He acts as a father figure to his nephew, Beckett. “That little guy has my heart. He’s a big reason why I’ve always stuck so close to home.” said Taylor.

Doug Caldwell

Doug Caldwell

Doug began his career at The Locker Room of Auburn in September of 2010, right after the store opened. He began as a part time employee while attending Auburn University full time. Doug’s previous work history included handling shipping and receiving at Kinnucan’s in Tiger Town, where he grew into a store manager by 2009.

Doug graduated from Auburn on August 4th, 2012 with a major in Technical Writing, and immediately came on as a full time employee at The Locker Room of Auburn. He has been a steady fixture at the store since day one, and is the longest tenured of Davis’ employees at the Auburn store.

Doug is an avid sports fan, and has an incredible knack for retaining sports knowledge, particularly anything related to Auburn athletics or Braves baseball. If you think we’re joking, quiz him next time you’re in the store. He’s a veritable Rain Man of sports trivia. He’s also a force to be reckoned with in Fantasy Football and Baseball.

Doug’s work passion is, without question, customer service. Under the tutelage of Davis Wilder, Doug has grown into one of the most detail oriented sales people in the business. He goes above and beyond for every customer he encounters, no matter the size of the sale.

Doug was born, like the rest of the staff, in Montgomery, Alabama in 1988. He lived in Pittsburgh until the age of 5, when his family moved to Birmingham, where he grew up prior to enrolling at Auburn. Doug is an only child whose passions include baseball, golf, and all things Auburn.

When asked what makes Auburn such a special place to him, Doug quickly responded, “Haha. I suppose ‘insert cliché here’. What can I say? Everything you hear Auburn people say is true. It’s home. It’ll always be home. This is my family. No matter where I end up in life, no matter what changes may come, I always know that I always have a home in Auburn. Take today for example: we just watched the Toomer’s Oaks come down after some 150 years of being a fixture in downtown Auburn. And as sad as that is, this community will always rally and be unified. Once you’re a part of this family, you’re in.”

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