Summer is officially here, and no doubt you’re looking your best. It only took you six months to take off that “holiday weight” and shed your Winter coat. Plus, a handful of trips to the lake or beach have you active, energized, sun-kissed and feeling your best. So basically, you’re in prime condition for the most important season of the year, wedding season.

Wedding Season can be a little tricky, especially with so many professionals going to work a little more laid back. You may be patting yourself on the back for mastering the art of “business casual” at the office, wedding season is typically not a casual one. And while you may tell yourself that great suit you splurged on 10 years ago still fits you fine, it is important to make sure you’re suits modeling is fresh and updated.

There are several main differences in a current suit and one that was made more than 5 -6 years ago. The first thing you should consider is modeling, or how your suit is designed. Several years ago, your suit most likely had a more “sartorial” design, with pleated trousers, a stronger shoulder, and a generally more tailored look. While this was the height of fashion not long ago, most people now agree that strong shoulder padding and pleated pants do nothing but make a man look bigger than he actually is.

Today, the look is softer, with a natural shoulder (no padding), flat front trousers, and trimmer lapels. You may also notice that an older suit has a wider leg, and more current suits have a tapered look below the knee that makes the leg look trimmer. With this new trimmer silhouette, most men find that a cuff looks out of place, and they have opted for a plain bottom pant. Suit pants have less break across the shoe than in years past, with 2 inches from the ground being the new industry standard.

We would NEVER tell you to throw your old suit away, obviously. It came from the Locker Room, and we know you’re proud of it. We do feel, however, like you should try in on and consider whether it looks current (cleaner, softer, trimmer) or looks as though it may have been a hand-me-down from your dad. Then, the decision is yours.