BYRON & BALLIN 10/3-4-5

  • Ballin Commuter Pant
Event Date

October 3-4-5


October 3-4-5
in Montgomery & Auburn

175 E. Magnolia Ave.
Our New Auburn, AL location

Byron Suits and Coats of outstanding quality and terrific value. Please join us and Byron’s Spiro Arvanitakis, all the way from Kansas City, for this special event. Byron’s line is vast in fabrics, fits and sizes from 36 to 56, short to extra long. We will have a full range of try on samples and Special Pricing.

TWO for $1190 SAVE $400

BALLIN The leading maker of better men’s dress pants in North America. Our favorite is the Soho model- 100% wool in twelve colors. This pant has revolutionized flat front slimmer fit trousers for the modern American man. We all wear them! Ballin’s Ed Ringley will be joining us with fit and style expertise.

SAVE $30 each pair ONLY $168