Fall ’22 Events

Every Fall we invite our retail partners to bring you the latest style and direction in men’s clothing and accessories. We know that shopping is not your favorite past-time and we want to make it easy and fun for you. These events are a great way to show you the best merchandise with exclusive offers.

Our Fall 2022 line-up is really special with some new events and your trusted favorites. We hope you will join us as often as you can for a fun, enjoyable, no pressure experience.

Mark your calendar for these special events.
And as always, thank you for your business

HICKEY FREEMAN September 7-9
Made to Measure Suits, Sport Coats & Trousers with Tim Gittins
September 7 Wednesday in Auburn
September 8 & 9 Thursday & Friday in Montgomery

MAGNANNI September 8-9
Shoes of Modern Comfort & Style Hand Made in Spain Since 1954
September 8 & 9 Thursday & Friday in Montgomery

The Classic American Shirtmaker with Jim Heiser
September 8 & 9 Thursday & Friday in Montgomery

MARTIN DINGMAN September 14-17
Shoes, Belts & Leather Goods with Jimmy Richerson
September 14 & 15 Wednesday & Thursday in Montgomery
September 16 & 17 Friday & Saturday in Auburn

TLR BY DESIGN September 21-23
Our Own Line of Custom Suits, Sport Coats, Shirts & Trousers
with Dana Dean
September 21 Wednesday in Auburn
September 22 & 23 Thursday & Friday in Montgomery

JOHNNIE-O Sept. 29-Oct. 1
Fabulous Sportswear & Accessories with Will Thompson
September 29 Thursday in Montgomery
Sept. 30 & Oct. 1 Friday & Saturday in Auburn


SAMUELSOHN October 12-14
Made to Measure Suits, Sport Coats & Trousers with Bob Weakley
October 12 Wednesday in Auburn
October 13 & 14 Thursday & Friday in Montgomery

PETER MILLAR October 27-29
Sportswear & Accessories for the Modern Gentleman with Miller French
October 27 & 28 Thursday & Friday in Montgomery
October 28 & 29 Friday & Saturday in Auburn

FAHERTY November 10-12
Casual & Cool Favorites from Tops to Bottoms
November 10 & 11 Thursday & Friday in Montgomery
November 11 & 12 Friday & Saturday in Auburn

TOM BECKBE November 18-19
Alabama Based Outerwear & Accessories
November 18 Friday in Montgomery
November 19 Saturday in Auburn

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