Martin Dingman Fall ’22 Event

This Week
This Wednesday – Saturday
Free Belt with Shoe Purchase*
Please join us for this fun 4 Day Event featuring the best men’s luxury leather dress and casual shoes, belts, bags, wallets, and accessories with Jimmy Richerson.We’ve carried Martin Dingman shoes, belts and leather goods for a long time and for good reason – you love them! Great quality and materials with classic design – what’s not to love. Add a Free Belt with each shoe purchase* – you’ll be smitten again!
Meet Jimmy Richerson & see the collection
September 14 & 15 Wednesday & Thursday
in Montgomery
September 16 & 17 Friday & Saturday
in Auburn*See store for details.
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TLR BY DESIGN September 21-23
Our Own Line of Custom Suits, Sport Coats, Shirts & Trousers with Dana Dean
September 21 Wednesday in Auburn
September 22 & 23 Thursday & Friday in MontgomeryAll Our Fall ’22 Events