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GOING ON NOW in Montgomery & Auburn
Two weeks ago, we were on track for the best spring in our 42-year history. We’ve had great deliveries, our store is full of beautiful clothing, awesome sportswear and accessories. Our guys are excited and anxious to show you all the cool stuff we know you are going to love.
But suddenly, we find ourselves struggling like all other small businesses. What we’re going through right now is affecting the health and livelihood of so many.
WE ARE SURVIVORS! I mentioned previously that we have survived 21% interest rates, the market crash of 1987 and the recession of ’08/’09. We are going to survive this as well and we will be stronger on the other side. 

What we must do now is create some business to ensure our folks will continue to be paid, so we can pay our vendors and create tax dollars for our community. Instead of having a Sale at the end of the season,  we are forced to do something unprecedented and move it to the beginning of our spring season-
20% Off All New Spring & Summer clothing and sportswear:

Suits, Sport Coats, Trousers, both dress and casual, Sport Shirts, Knits, Shorts, Swim, Dress Shirts and Ties.

These are serious times and we, all 18 of our TLR team, need your support.
This SURVIVOR SALE could be the time to pick up that suit or sport coat you have been putting off. Think about Easter, birthdays, anniversaries and graduation gifts you will need over the next few months. Or consider a gift card if you don’t want to think clothes right now.
We have reduced our hours to be socially responsible, earlier we outlined all the ways we can continue to do business safely. We will practice social distancing and keep our store sanitized as possible.
Let’s take these lemons we have been given and make something the resembles lemonade.  We want to make you look and feel good! Our hope is that this 20% will be a win for you, for our team and for our community.  God bless you all! –George Wilder & the TLR team