Tom Moore

I had a passion for clothes at a very early age. I remember dressing up in my suit at age four and sneaking across the street to join my older brother’s kindergarten class. I enjoyed finer clothing so much in fact, I started washing dishes in a local restaurant at age 14 so I could start building a wardrobe that was of my taste alone.

I grew up in a small town in Missouri. Upon graduating high school I moved to Montgomery, Alabama. I spent my early years working in the restaurant business where I learned the valuable meaning of quality and customer service. After the birth of my son Fletcher, I realized quickly that my hectic hours in that industry didn’t square with my being a father.

I met George Wilder in January of 1999. There was a rare position available at The Locker Room and it was a perfect fit. I had never been in the clothing business before but George assured me that he would teach me the business. The main focus George said are customer service and quality. I started work with The Locker Room on February 1st, 1999.

I am very blessed to enjoy a career and company that I love. I live the phrase, “If you love your job you never work a day in your life.” I feel my coworkers are family and have many clients that I am proud to call friends. I know that most people spend a lifetime trying to find their dream career. I have been at mine for nearly 20 years now!